Friday, March 15, 2013

Something Borrowed, Something New

One of the newest, and probably most anticipated, shows on the TLC network is Something Borrowed, Something New. The show just began its first season a few weeks ago and I am already hooked. No surprise here really because I am obsessed with all the TLC wedding shows, especially ones that focus mainly on the dress. In Something Borrowed, Something New brides must choose between wearing a family heirloom dress (usually the mother’s wedding dress,) that dressmaker, Kelly Nishimoto, redesigns for them, or wearing a new dress that stylist Sam Saboura chooses. Needless to say, tears are shed and hugs are shared as the brides struggle to make a decision. 

The dresses that the brides bring in their original condition are always quite outdated and usually not in line with the style of the bride. This is only to be expected though, because they are decades old. Kelly has the girls try on the old dress and then she makes a sketch and begins tailoring the new masterpiece.

While the brides are in Kelly’s workshop, Sam sets out to find them the perfect dress. He always manages to please the brides,while taking into account the opinions of friends and family.

In the end, the brides are always presented with quite the difficult decision. How do you choose between your mother’s dress: a family heirloom, an item that has so many memories and so much love attached to it. Or, a brand new dress picked just for you: stylish, modern and perfectly fitted.  Tune in on Friday nights at 10 p.m. to see if they pick Something Borrowed or Something New.


  1. This show looks interesting. I will watch tonight!

  2. I will start to watch it. Sounds like an good show.

  3. This show bugs me sometimes! They cut up their grandmother's wedding dress and don't even end up wearing it. I would be super bummed to be the grandmother.

    But obviously I watch it anyways.